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Learn and explore calculus through fresh eyes

The Great Calculus is a set of three calculus courses covering limits, derivatives, and integrals. With a total of 34 modules, the courses are supported by a range of downloadable materials including definitions, Q&As, and assessments.

BoxMedia takes difficult subjects and makes them more relatable and easier to understand, specialising in problem areas within STEM fields.

10 Hours of engaging and impactful learning

Our 34 modules include 3 hours of video content that combines innovative learning methodologies with imaginative animations that bring complex concepts to life.

With simple, regular assessments, The Great Calculus combines lots of engaging video content that explains the concepts with achievable learning outcomes that keep you motivated.

Why ‘The Great Calculus’?

The Great Calculus is perfect for any student looking to improve their understanding of calculus, and a must-have for any lecturer or tutor looking to support their students’ journeys.

We use fascinating real-world examples and quirky animated videos to make calculus relatable, utilising the latest developments in communication intelligence (CQ™) to guide learners step-by-step through concepts and equations.

The value of edutainment and micro-learning

Engaging with movie-style mini-series content increases confidence in overall knowledge by 21%.

Moreover, 99% of learners would recommend this type of learning to others.[Ref]

Micro-learning is 17% more efficient and tracks 50% more engagement than traditional learning – making it perfect for rapid upskilling.[Ref]

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About us

Under the guidance of maths experts from leading universities including California Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, BoxMedia has created a course that makes calculus fun, engaging, and easy to understand.

Our carbon pledge: aim for zero, build the future.

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    “The amazing videos that put calculus into perspective make this app a total must-have for all calc student the world over”

    “Finally something I can relate to”

    “Wow. I am so impressed… I sincerely appreciate these videos.  It’s easy to fall in love with math when given practical, scientific applications!”